Church should be the place you go to get fed, not the place you go to get high! Unfortunately, this is not always the case…

Church has become the saints’ speakeasy and the Christian’s crackhouse. If the message you get on Sunday morning doesn’t make it to Sunday evening, you might be on the spiritual crackpipe.

Church should be the place where the saints are equipped to reign during the week. If what happens is just a good shout that gets the endorphins going and there’s nothing left in the tank, saints will just get high and experience defeat in the week to come.

But, on the other hand, If the man of God is faithful to prepare a spiritually nutritious buffet and subsequent “box lunches” from the Word of God (the Bread of Life and Living Water), the saints will take away what they need to have a victorious week!

Yep, I said it…

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