God says, “Right Now!”

Dr. Myles Munroe said, “If we are faithful about the Father’s business, He will be faithful about ours.”

Do not procrastinate. If you wonder why God performs suddenly for others but not for you, check your performance.

Mountain-moving faith is right now faith

Right now action is the manifestation of right now faith.

God operates outside of time, so all His actions are right now.

The day the Lord made is right now.

God could have created everything in one day but He used six to give man an understanding of time and work. But, whatever He said happened right now.

Noah had favor with God because he acted right now.

Abraham had favor with God because he did everything God told him to do right now.

We must understand how to discern God’s timing. Abraham tried to get ahead of God and got Ishmael.

Jesus never put off His Father’s business!

Jonah’s procrastination caused him to spend time in the F.B.I…the Fish-Belly Institute!

We must sow constantly to live in constant harvest.

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