Glory to God! In this new year, we are beginning a new Agape Dominion ministry – that of health and fitness. I believe this is a neglected area of ministry. As a Body, we have long been focused on spiritual fitness while our physical fitness has languished. We need to ask ourselves, though, can we effectively serve God, exalt Jesus, and advance the Kingdom if our physical bodies are in disrepair?

We are going to take up physical fitness as a lifestyle and, I won’t lie, it isn’t going to be easy. If exercise were easy, we’d all look like Michelangelo’s David or Venus di Milo. Unfortunately, it happens to be quite difficult and, like so many well-intentioned resolutions, even more so to keep up. Starting a true, life-changing fitness program is akin to approaching the girl of your dreams for the first time; you know she’s good for you but you just can’t seem to take that all-important first step. That’s where this ministry segment comes in…

The tendency of man is laziness. We’d sooner kick back with a cold beverage and watch a ball game than walk to the mailbox. The purpose of this book is to help you overcome your lazy tendencies, get off your hind quarters and get started. One of the laws of physics elucidated by Sir Issac Newton held that “…bodies in motion tend to stay in motion; bodies at rest tend to stay at rest.”

Now, if you think these posts are going to be some sort of magic bullet to help you look good overnight, close this page and get to steppin’! On the other hand, if you want to take those critical first steps to avoid embarrassment when you start going to the gym or embarking on an intense physical fitness program, stay tuned!

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