Matthew 22:37-40…here Jesus outlined what the sum of the law is. In other words, He is the express manifestation of love and the fulfillment of the law. And if we are in Him, then the law is fulfilled in us and, therefore, we don’t have to uphold the law.

The problem with the mixing of law and grace is that folks want to uphold the law selectively or “a la carte.” I call these folks “cafeteria christians;” they take what they think is good and leave the rest behind. These folks will uphold those points of the law (earrings, etc.) that serve their agenda but exclude those things that do not (e.g., having bacon for breakfast). Cafeteria christianity is both legalistic and hypocritical.

The beauty of grace is that all we have to concern ourselves with is being in Him and having His Word abide in us, then the law is fulfilled!