Let me ask you a question, do you have any children? If so don’t you want the best for them? Isn’t their prosperity and health a reflection of your upbringing? If the answer is yes – and God is a better Father than you or I could ever be – surely God wants the best for us!

Religion has distorted Scripture to the point where prosperity is viewed as profane. In Mark, chapter 10, the Lord was not establishing a doctrine in telling the rich young ruler to sell all his possessions, he was speaking contextually to what the young man was yoked to; that is, his wealth. There is no instruction to take a vow of poverty or that wealth, in and of itself, is sinful.

Now, I’m not one of these pastors looking to fleece his flock; rather I’m blessed with a wonderful standard of living that is a blessing from God (I grew up poor – raised by a single mother with two siblings). And the Kingdom principles that God’s Word has imparted to me, I share with others, and EVERY one who has applied them ha seen an increase in their standard of living.

Bottom line, Poverty IS NOT God’s will for His children.

© 2011 – Derrick Day (www.derrickday.com)