RELIGIOUS_LIE: Some sins are greater than others.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: You must uphold the law to keep your salvation.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: You are not truly saved unless you go to church.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: You must never question your man of God.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: Storms, earthquakes, and floods are “acts of God”.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: If you don’t tithe, God will get the money from you in medical bills, repair costs, foreclosure, etc.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: Women shouldn’t be allowed to preach or pastor.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: Your purpose/gift/talent is revealed to your man of God before it is to you.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: You can pray someone into salvation.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: The devil is God’s henchman who does his dirty work.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: The devil is omniscient.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: That the God of the Christians and Jews is the same as the God of the Muslims.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: Your denomination is superior to all others.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: It’s not God’s will to heal everyone.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: Even though you’re saved, you’re still a sinner.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: Miracles ceased with the death of the Apostles.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: Poverty=piety.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: A pastor is more anointed than other believers.

RELIGIOUS_LIE: If you spend more time with your kids than in church, God will take them from you. ”


“And you shall KNOW the TRUTH, and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32


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