Praying Saints, I need you today. My friend, Ty Hogan just brought it to my attention that another young child has been shot in Detroit. There is too much of this going on in Detroit and across America. This has got to stop, in the Name of Jesus!

There are too many churches in Detroit (or any major city, for that matter), let by mighty Men and Women of God, to allow this to go on unabated. Are we content to build bigger buildings, more locations, and put on more lavish production while young lives are cut down like summer grass?

Someone needs to speak up and speak out. Where are the Dr. Kings, Malcolm Xs, Fannie Lou Hamers of this generation. Is everyone so afraid that they won’t step up? Or, perhaps Bob Marley had it right: everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my Covenant Brothers, Pastor James Gibson was lambasted for suggesting that churches shut down on a Sunday to go minister in the streets. Well, I’m here to tell you, Pastor Gibson was smooth on-point on that.

I’ve heard preachers blast the hip-hop culture and refuse to allow that type of music in their churches. Well, what are you offering as an alternative. Let me clue y’all in on something, your (insert denomination here) doctrines and hymnals AIN’T WORKING! If we do not learn the culture of these kids and how to speak their language, WE WILL LOSE AN ENTIRE GENERATION!

And the weak-kneed religious foolishness that passes for Christianity ain’t gonna cut it, either. We need the Gospel of the Kingdom to go forth. Love, wholeness, completion, nothing broken, nothing lacking. We need to squash all the legalistic nonsense that has young folks running from the church by the thousands.

Every church in the nation needs to make this a priority. Suspend all conferences, summits, and revivals until this is addressed. This is my challenge to you. Suspend all fundraisers and building plans. None of these are as valuable as a single human life.

Pray, Saints, like you’ve never prayed before. Pray for leaders who will step up and step out in the boldness of the Gospel of the Kingdom! Pray for the peace that passes all understanding abides with the families that have had to bury loved ones – especially those who have had to bury children and babies as the result of this violence.

Whether you click “like” on this is of no consequence to me. My prayer is that you’re moved to action. And if anything in this post offended you, TOUGH! Maybe the offense will prompt you to get off your “Blessed Assurance” and do something.

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