The case of Trayvon Martin is both curious and sad. The opinions on this matter fall into one of two camps: one sees Trayvon as a glaring milestone on the difficult road traveled by Black Americans; the other sees it as a man using the force at his disposal to avoid becoming a statistic of violent crime.

First, let me state emphatically that I abhor the shooting of this innocent youth. Having experienced, firsthand, the business-end of a number of weapons, I can say – without batting an eye – that Skittles and iced tea do not comprise any weapon of which I am aware. I’d like to further state, that as a Black man who is the father of Black sons, I acutely feel the pain of Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. I cannot fathom the pain of having to bury a child – especially one, that by all accounts was a good kid.

It is because of cases like these that I over-emphasize the importance of flying “the straight-and-narrow” to my sons in all their dealings, both public and private. I teach my kids that God created us all equal in His sight but they must be acutely aware that the world does not see them as God does.

The sad part of this saga is that a human life was depreciated to zero in a relative blink of an eye. Trayvon Martin was arraigned, tried, convicted, and executed by a “yahoo” with a gun and a bad attitude. The human lust for power is one of the basest emotions known to man. And it is because of a twisted understanding of power that Trayvon Martin, and many other young Black men like him, are dying daily.

Genesis, chapter 1, verses 26-28 are what can be called God’s “dominion mandate.” It is here that God gives the charge to His children to rule and reign in the earth as He does in heaven. Unfortunately, due to the introduction of sin, and the perversion of the Word of God by the devil, the misunderstanding of power has led to a burning lust in mankind to rule and reign over one another.

Slavery, racism, homicide, rape, and abortion are all crimes against humanity, perpetrated by those who are desirous of exercising absolute power over another human being. Mankind, blinded by religion and religious teaching, has not been properly introduced to their Creator/King/Father; that is, that they were created to control the environment God created for them.

Lack of understanding of a concept invariably leads to abuse of the concept.

Jesus came to earth not to give us a ticket to heaven, but to restore His earthly Kingdom and to return mankind to its original position of authority in the earth. Jesus said that he came “to seek and to save that which was lost,” not who, whom or they. It is the persistent, errant teaching of what salvation really is that is the source of most of man’s maladies.

Salvation is the “Ellis Island” to the Kingdom of God! It is the door – a means to an end – not the end itself.

Allow me to elaborate: if mankind came to the knowledge that, by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and allowing the Holy Spirit to govern their hearts and minds, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 8:11) abode within them, there would be no need to try to wield power over another human being. Period. Proper teaching of salvation will properly disciple God’s people and lead them into the abundant life promised by our Lord (John 10:10)

Now churches and ministries are out in force to cry out for justice. There are numerous events taking place to raise awareness of Trayvon’s murder and to bring his killer to trial. While this is a noble gesture, I think the Church can do far more every Sunday morning and every Wednesday evening.

Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Re-introduce mankind to their original purpose and design. Teach folks how to represent and re-present the King of Glory to the world. Dispense with religious traditions, doctrine, and dogmas that do not reflect the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the only teaching that will make a difference. Banging the drum of the Old Covenant and traditions of men will not minister healing to this sick and dying world.

Which brings me back to my original point. It shouldn’t have mattered that Trayvon was wearing a “hoodie” on that fateful night. It shouldn’t have mattered what was in his hands. It shouldn’t have mattered what was in his hands. And it shouldn’t have mattered that he was a Black man walking in a gated neighborhood. None of these should have mattered one whit…and, yet, they did.

Moreover, shooting a defenseless child, no matter how you slice, dice, or fry it is wrong. There is no justification for ending Trayvon Martin’s life. I don’t care what is said on the part of the defendant, any chance of justifying this heinous act must range from scarce to none.

That said, until mankind is quickened to the knowledge of God’s love and God’s government – that our desire for power can only be satisfied by operating within the will of He who is the source of all power, these things will continue to matter.

Sadly, none of these words, however powerful will bring Trayvon back. Hopefully, though, these words will raise consciousness to the point where these incidents will be few.

I pray that the peace that passes all understanding rest upon Trayvon’s family in this season of mourning.

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