President Obama made headlines last week when he endorsed and supported homosexual marriages. Aside from the obvious, this is wrong on more levels than I have time or space to discuss.

Before I begin, I would like to reclaim the use of the word, “gay.” Homosexuality is unhappy because it is completely opposed to the Word and the will of God. “Gay” is a word that means “happy,” as in the verse  “don we now our gay apparel…” from the holiday standard “Deck the Halls.”

First and foremost, the President has effectively told Black voters that they have nowhere else to turn. No Black person could, in good conscience, vote for a man that says he identifies with Black people because “his ancestors owned slaves.” Now I understand the president cannot “kowtow” to Black voters but a patent snub cannot be dismissed.

Second, while the President has professed to be a Christian, taking the stance he did runs completely contrary to Biblical teaching. While Mr. Obama is, ostensibly, a liberal, his decision to support homosexual marriage has destroyed any possibility of his carrying the evangelical vote which, incidentally, is numerically greater than the homosexual vote.

Now, I could go deep scripturally but the Biblical argument has been clearly framed and proffered; I don’t need to elaborate that case any further.

The issue is not whether it is an abomination or not – sin is sin, and folks want to make homosexuality a sin of greater magnitude. The point, here, is that homosexuals are part of a small cadre of sinners who want their sin to be made legal in the sight of men (along with abortionists and corporate thieves) and now they want it to be accepted by the church.

If homosexuals want civil unions, well, okay…I don’t have to have anything to do with that. When you speak of the institution of marriage – an institution, I might add, ordained by God – it’s a slippery slope approaching the inevitable end of the state forcing the church to sanction and perform nuptials for homosexual couples. Those of you whose ministries receive faith-based-initiative money had better consider this carefully! As for me, I refuse to accept, sanction, or perform homosexual marriages. Period.

Another point to consider: if you make homosexual marriage legal, the public schools will have to teach that it is “right.” Then, other taboos such as pedophilia, bestiality, and polygamy will have to be taken into consideration. After all, they represent “behavioral choice,” as well. As a parent, I am aghast at this possibility; I will be forced to either homeschool or put them in private Christian schools.

Finally, the well-meaning but misguided minority says “live-and-let-live” and “homosexuals have the right to be unhappy in marriage as heterosexual couples.”

To that I have just two words to add: bovine effluvia! And, for the record, godly marriage is blissful, thank you very much!

Paying taxes to a man-sanctioned nation does not grant the right to pollute a God-ordained institution. I’m willing to live-and-let-live if the institution of marriage is left unsullied.

Homosexuals, as a demographic group, earn more, have more entrepreneurs, and greater net worth than much of the nation. And they are free to socialize, cohabitant, and enter into business partnerships without inhibition. The notion of homosexual marriage is an affront to Christian sensibilities and just another milestone on the route to societal decline.

Let me be clear, I love everyone and I pray that all people experience the love of Jesus and the power of His Kingdom. But, as an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God, it is illegal for me to speak anything that contradicts the Word of my King. God wants none to perish, rather that they have everlasting, abundant life in Christ. I pray that homosexuals cease to be conformed to the ways of the world but, instead, are transformed by the renewing of their minds.

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