The true cost of leadership (and their corresponding titles) can be counted on four points:

1. Time: a true leader avails him or herself of their most valuable resource. If you do not have time to pour into those who look to you for leadership, you are not a true leader. You must have time to counsel and to be counseled. Your time must be sown of love; if you’re just marking time, you’re wasting time. I’ve told many that the only thing more valuable to me than my time is your time.

2. Talent: you must be giving of your talent in a loving and generous manner. Whatever your gift is, you MUST make it available to those in your care or sphere-of-influence. If you’re hoarding your talent or charging exorbitant fees or honorariums for manifesting it, you’re out of order.

3. Treasure: most church leadership has this backward – they look for spiritual sons and daughters to support them financially. Last time I checked, parents typically support their children until they are capable of supporting themselves. Many pastors fully expect their members to support them but will turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to a member in need. That is COMPLETELY out of order! My Bible says God loves a cheerful giver – and I’m willing to wager that He REALLY loves generous, cheerful giving on the part of leadership.

4. Truth: the biggest cost of leadership, and the one most ignored, is the sowing of the Truth – that is, God’s Word. Only God’s Word, not your time, talent, or treasure, can bring lasting change to every situation to which it is applied. We must be generous with the Word, especially the Gospel of Jesus Christ (The Gospel of the Kingdom) as to the sinner, it is the Good News of salvation; to the sick, it is the Good News of healing; to the tormented and oppressed, it is the Good News of deliverance; and, to the poor, it is the Good News of prosperity.

Your comfort zone is a dangerous place. Nothing moves without agitation! True, the good leader doesn’t FORCE you out; rather he equips you to manage the transition out of your comfort zone. There is no growth without stretching.

The Bible says no man embarks upon building something without counting up the cost. Likewise, no person should embrace the mantel of leadership without calculating the cost. It is this lack of introspection and godly assessment that has caused the dearth of true leadership in the Church today.

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