Reminder: If you purchase a home at 7% and refinance a couple of years later at 3%, the first thing that happens in the closing is the original debt is fulfilled by the origination of the new contract.

The debt, itself, doesn’t go away but the means by which it is serviced changes. Therefore, you don’t have to continue to pay under the old contract because it is superseded by the new one.

If you try to continue to pay under both the old AND new contracts, you will struggle and likely end up fiscally bankrupt.

Likewise, if you try to uphold the Old Covenant while living under the New, you will struggle and, ultimately, end up spiritually bankrupt. God knows we are incapable of servicing the sin debt long-term, that’s why He sent Jesus, the fulfillment of the law!

The yoke and the burden of the new is lighter than the old and encompasses greater benefit, therefore it is superior to the old. Do you hear what I’m saying?

Now you know why so many Christians are powerless and spiritually bankrupt…

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