Guns are not the problem. It’s maniacs with guns that are the problem. Sin is the problem. We don’t need gun legislation, we need strict enforcement of the laws on the books!

Let me put it this way, there are nearly 400 million KNOWN guns in the USA with about 300 million citizens. It is this simple fact that has proactively prevented a military coup, junta, or armed insurrection. Say what you want, but it is the right to bear arms that keeps America free. Additionally, the new world order is ONLY POSSIBLE with an unarmed America. You can take that smooth to the bank!

The tragedy of Sandy Hook is a tragedy but it should not be the impetus of a knee-jerk legislative reaction. Yes, lives were senselessly taken. Yes we mourn and are grieved. Yes we are angry. Yes we want something done. But that something should not infringe upon Constitutional liberties!

Contrary to popular belief and media reports, the guns used were not automatic weapons, they were semi-automatic! Folks need to do their homework. Automatic weapons are already strictly controlled – by existing law ( Beside that, if I can afford and demonstrate proficiency and safety, and have been sufficiently vetted via background check, I should be able to own any weapon. I also should be able to carry that weapon. However, if I do something moronic to harm or take human life, I should be held accountable to the full measure of the laws on the books. But, here’s the deal: start down the path of restricting one type of weapon and, soon you’ll regulate them all.

First of all, we need to pray fervently – and prayer should not be the fallback, it should be the FIRST line of defense. Second of all, because we live in a fallen world, we need to arm ourselves with knowledge – know the signs of mental illness and keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.  Third, we need to fortify the areas where our most precious assets – our children – occupy.

Here’s the deal, though, folks, if you legislate away the guns, you have to tinker with the Constitution because the right to keep and bear arms is a guaranteed right. What’s next? Usurp free speech? Overturn the right of Blacks to vote? Repeal the emancipation of slaves? Where does it end. You’re engaging in reactionary as opposed to strategic thinking…very dangerous precedent.

As one of my friends in law-enforcement so aptly said, “If you put a gun on the table and do not bother it, it will not bother you or anyone else…

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