satanletmerefreshyourmemoryDear Blogosphere Friends and Family,

I recently posted a link on Facebook enabling you to download our ebook, “satan, Let Me Refresh Your Memory” for free. I am trying to get the necessary momentum to obtain a publishing contract for a print version, and publishers only want to publish books that are in demand.

That said, I am asking for your help. We cannot do this without you.

This book has been a blessing to those who have read it. Don’t take my word for it; look it up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

It was a blessing to Angela and myself to write this, as it flowed out of a time when we were besieged by the enemy – and the Scriptures and prayers that are in the book helped us to remind the devil that the Standard has already been lifted against him!

Now, because this is FREE, and I have over 1600 Facebook Friends and nearly 1200 Twitter Followrs, of which, about 100 or so have already purchased it, means we should have about 2700 new downloads. Now, imagine if we have 2700 friends who download and read the book (you can read the whole thing in about a day or two) and tell just four friends each, and they download it, read it, and tell four friends, we’re looking at 43,200 people with this book in their hands.

Extend this out to the nearly 200,000 (!) people who have visited this website in the last year, and the potential is staggering!

Think this will get a publisher’s attention? You bet it will! And it will open the door for our upcoming projects – particularly the one I’m taking the Facebook hiatus to complete.

So, click here to download:

Use coupon code NE98D (not case-sensitive) at checkout to get your 100% discount!

I only ask that after reading the book, you’ll tell at least one friend about it and write a review that you can copy and paste into Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Also, be sure to visit and “like” our Facebook page, (which, by the way, is also free. By that logic, we should have 1600 “likes.”)

Your Brother in Christ,
(Bishop Derrick Day)