Here’s a scenario:

You are living your life when you receive a call that your rich Uncle Joe just passed away in his sleep in his New York townhouse.

You ask, “Who the heck is Uncle Joe?” but I digress…

You get a call from Uncle Joe’s attorney and he tells you that, in his will, he specified you are to receive an inheritance of ten million dollars.

You run around the house screaming madly then, when you come to yourself, you pick up the phone.

There are conditions, though. You have to come to his house in New York city to receive it. And you are expected to regularly share of your blessing with others.

See, Uncle Joe loved you so much, he died and gave you his very best so you could live well.

Now, if you’re smart, you’ll rush off to NYC on the first thing smoking and claim what is yours.

On the other hand, if you’re not so smart, you’ll come up with some excuse not to go and receive what Uncle Joe died to give you. You may say, “I hate to travel,” or, “I hate NYC,” or “I don’t want to give to charity.”

In the latter case you miss out on a blessing. Because this is an inheritance you did nothing to earn (after all, Uncle Joe did all the work to earn the money) – and probably did not deserve, and all you have to do to appropriate it into your life is to show up and claim it!

Such as it is with Salvation. Jesus paid the propitiation (ransom) for our sins. That was God’s grace at work. But there is a part we have to play – we have to believe in order to receive the benefits of Jesus’ work. That’s our faith at work.

You know, by grace through faith we are saved (Ephesians 2:8)…

So Jesus died and was resurrected to make Salvation (Sozo: salvation from sin, deliverance from demonic oppression, bodily healing, and material blessing) available to all. The sad truth is, however, all will not receive it.

If everyone receives it regardless of their faith, it’s universalism – and it’s wrong.

If only the select few receive it, relegating the remainder to hell, it’s calvinism – and it’s just as wrong.

God loves you so much He gave His very best that you might live eternally and abundantly (John 3:16, 10:10)! A simple truth you only have to believe in your heart and confess with your mouth.

You’d have to pay someone really well to help you misunderstand this.

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