Folks have misinterpreted scripture concerning women in ministry, e.g., 1 Corinthians 14:34. Here, Paul was dealing with specific folks with specific issues (Corinth had women who were out of control), hence the use of the word “your” instead of “all.” It’s important to note that many, if not most of the first century churches were started by women, the woman ad the well (John 4) was sent by Jesus to preach to the Samaritans, and Mary Magdalene was the first person to preach the resurrection.

A little story, a Deacon I know back in Crockett, TX had a conversation with one of his daughters that went like this:

“Daddy, God called me to preach.” His reply, “Oh Lawd!”

That night, God took the ol’ Deacon back to his childhood in a dream. On their farm, they had a reliable rooster that would crow on time every day. Well one day, that old rooster up and died.

Now, if you know anything about chickens, you know a good rooster is hard to find. So, during the search for a new rooster, one of the hens jumped up on a fence post and began crowing like the rooster did, and did so until they got another rooster.

The Spirit of the Lord asked Deke if he ever cursed that hen for crowing, and Deke said, “no…”

The Spirit continued, “Then don’t curse your daughter.”

The Deacon’s daughter pastors a thriving church …with her Daddy’s blessings.

True story…

The point is, God calls, God anoints, and God appoints. It is not for man to decide. This is one of those traditions that burdens the body of Christ and needs to be done away with.

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