1. Grace is winning. Right now religion is reeling and retreating. Its control bases are being systematically deconstructed. Saints all over the world are discovering the Liberty they actually have in Christ. People are no longer living in fear that if they don’t go to church regularly or don’t tithe that somehow “God will strike them down.”
  2. Good News makes you Feel Good. Many proponents of Grace, like myself, are frequently accused of being “ear-ticklers” and “feel-good” preachers. Well, last time I checked, Good News makes you Feel Good. And, since the Gospel is too-good-to-be-true-but-true-news, this news makes you feel too-g00d-to-be-true.
  3. Church-as-usual is becoming unusual. More and more churches are expanding outside their walls. Community outreach is becoming more prevalent. Big-box and big-show church is losing its appeal. Pageants and programs no longer prevail in church. What’s really exciting is the number of churches that are sharing the Love of Christ without preaching or attempting to evangelize. There are people becoming disciples daily because of the love displayed by saints.
  4. Politics and religion are strange bedfellows. Being a liberal or conservative does not a good Christian make. Honestly, God doesn’t care if you’re republican or democrat. Jesus clearly said His Kingdom was not of this world. That means the world’s politics in no way represent Him. Election cycles bring out the worst in people who think their politics reflect the will, culture, or intent of the Kingdom of God.
  5. A Gospel Litmus Test. Jesus only told us to preach the Gospel — His unconditional Love and Grace. Not the Psalms. Not the Proverbs. Not the Prophets. And, certainly, not the Law. How do you know if what you hear is the Gospel? If the Love of God is expressed in it, if His Grace is revealed in it, and His Liberty is manifest in it.
  6. Everyone among you ain’t with you. Some people you know are with you to edify you during your life’s journey. Others are with you in hopes of manipulating your direction away from your purpose. Others, still, are there to get what they can from you. Many people who claim to preach Grace are really legalistic religious proponents with candy-coated shells! Remember, when the angels went before God in the book of Job, satan was among them.
  7. Band-aid approaches are failing. Problems of racial and economic disparity in America cannot be glossed-over or repaired in patchwork fashion. A holistic solution requires candid admission of problems. Most of these problems are the result of the actions of earthly governments and these governments are powerless to fix the mess they’ve made. The Body of Christ has a great opportunity to minister the balm of healing to these long-festering national wounds.
  8. Conduits Instead of Containers. We are created to flow-through the blessing of the Lord, not hoard it for our own good. A pipeline moving a substance from a source to a destination always retains some of what it transmits. The Body of Christ needs to be at the forefront of sharing the blessing of God — not just with other Christians but with the world.
  9. Authenticity. Disingenuity is being revealed in a wholesale manner. Technology is making it possible to search out the history of individuals’ thoughts and actions, making it nearly impossible to hide true values and intent. No one can be a better you than you, so don’t try to be someone else. Indeed, don’t try to operate according to values you don’t explicitly espouse. Maya Angelou once said, “…when someone shows themselves to you, believe them.”
  10. Attitude determines altitude. Keep your focus on God and His unconditional Love and Grace. This upward attitude will raise your spiritual altitude and determine your spiritual destiny. Being positive in a negative world is a key indicator you’re operating in joy, which is positional (determined by your understanding of your position in Christ), instead of happiness, which is conditional.
  11. Love is the Answer. If we truly love one another, it changes things. How can we quantify love? The root of love is compassion and the root of compassion is empathy. We can, therefore, conclude that if there is no empathy, there is no love. We can also gauge love by giving — you cannot say you are truly alive without loving and you cannot say you truly love without giving. True love sees a need and fills a need.

© 2015 – Derrick Day (www.derrickday.com)