This world has a plethora of problems.

This country has its own share of sorrow.

Thankfully, I’ve learned there is nothing so big or so bad that it cannot be overcome by the revelation of God’s unconditional Love and Grace.

Notice I said, “revelation.” This is important because God’s unconditional Love and Grace is as ubiquitous as air and as abundant as water. Yet, people die of asphyxiation and dehydration daily.


Because air is only useful if you appropriate it. Part of the experience of life is breathing. Although breathing is what’s called an “autonomic” function (without conscious effort), you can choose not to breathe.

And then you’d die.

Likewise, water is one of the most abundant substances on earth. However, if you refuse to drink, you’ll die.

God’s unconditional Love and Grace should be as integral to our lives as air and water but the Body of Christ is choking from lack of the “Pneuma” (where we get the word, “pneumatic” from), which is the Spirit of God, and dehydrated because of lack of Living Water (the Word of God). God’s Love and Grace are essential to the life of a believer.

Unfortunately, the Church has been fed a diet of stale food and junk food.

The stale food is the law.

The junk food is religion.

I call the law stale food because it is incapable of sustaining saints who are saved by Grace through faith. It’s like the manna that the Israelites hoarded instead of consumed. It became rancid and inedible. A steady diet of stale food can be toxic and lead to all manner of health problems. Stale food can kill you!

This is why the church is sick.

The church is too sick to respond to the ills of the world. It is lethargic and catatonic. The sick cannot heal the sick and that’s why the ways of the world are prevalent in the world.

They are even prevalent in the church.

Religion is junk food. Sure it can be satisfying because it gratifies the flesh by appealing to self-effort. Like a cookie, proposes a quick and easy fix for the expedient problem of spiritual hunger. However, a steady diet of junk food results in obesity and imbalances in natural function. A steady diet of junk food will lead to obesity. Junk food can kill you!

Yes, the church is fat.

The church hoards what it gets and fills it’s pantry with more junk. Buildings to conduct services that are more like entertainment events. Surveys, statistics, and studies to point out problems that the blind can see. Multiple campuses that reinforce cults of personality.

Don’t get me wrong, there are big churches that became big because they do big things. They have a big impact on their communities. And they’re reaching the world for Christ in a big way. In football terms, these churches are the linemen of the Body of Christ — they’re big for a reason. But there are some that are big for the sake of being big. They are like the football spectator who’s big as a lineman but got that way by a steady diet of beer and nachos.

We are in desperate need of a revelation of Love and Grace. “For God so loved the world” should be so richly imparted to us in such a way that “the world will know us as disciples of Christ by our love for both believers and the world.”

A church that is rich in the revelation of God’s unconditional Love and Grace will be a church of empathy and compassion. Said church will care for the needy, the hungry, the disenfranchised as much as it cares for the whole and prosperous. A church that is a bastion of Liberty in Christ will be too busy sharing the truth of God’s Word to be excessively involved in the world’s politics.

This church I dream of would turn the world right-side-up, much like it caused the Roman empire to implode. This church I dream of would be the beacon of light that would truly draw all men unto Christ. This church would be strong and agile regardless of size and compassionate to all in spite of superficial differences. This church would put an end to religious junk-food outlets and feast on the organic goodness of Love and Grace.

I can dream, right?

© 2016 – Derrick Day (